Eligibility for Student Housing / Allocation of Rooms

Students at the

  • Technische Universität Dortmund
  • Fachhochschule Dortmund
  • Fachhochschule Südwestfalen
  • BiTS Iserlohn
  • SRH Fachhochschule Hamm
  • and the International School of Management/ISM

are eligible for student housing until they have completed their period of study. (The period of study ends after students complete their program’s first final exam.) Students at the BiTS Iserlohn, SRH Fachhochschule Hamm, and the ISM have to pay an extra € 23.00 in addition to their rent.

Term of Lease

The current maximum term of lease is eight semesters. Individual exceptions can be made if special circumstances warrant them. Any term of lease spent at another publicly-funded housing facility will be deducted from the overall maximum term of lease.

Who is Not Eligible for Student Housing?

Not eligible for student housing are:

  • Ph.D. students, students working as assistant lecturers (“Assistent”), teacher trainees (“Referendar”), interns (“Volontär”), those in similar positions
  • those who are not full-time students but rather part of the work-force
  • those who have already completed a final exam at a higher education institution
  • students whose term of lease was cancelled by the Dortmund student union
  • students enrolled as guest auditor (“Gasthörer”), students enrolled in double-degree programs and enrolled at a second German university (“Nebenhörer”)
  • students at the end of or beyond the standard period of study (“Regelstudienzeit”).

Provisions for the Severely Disabled

Severely disabled persons who are significantly restricted in their mobility will receive preferential consideration. Some will be eligible for specially equipped apartments.

Waiting Lists

All applicants will be put on waiting lists in the order that their applications were received. These lists also include the applicant’s preferred housing facility. You may name more than one facility. Applications will be accepted no earlier than six months prior to the start of an applicant’s program of studies.


Upon termination of a lease, the first ten applicants on the waiting list are notified. Whoever reacts first will get the room. The other applicants keep their positions on the waiting list provided they are still interested in renting at student housing. Applicants who do not react to the notification within a reasonable period of time will be taken off the waiting list. Should the waiting list include a severely disabled person (eligible for preferential consideration) he or she will receive the available accommodation provided it suits his or her needs.

Updating Waiting Lists

Waiting lists are constantly updated. Applicants will be kept on the lists only if they reply to student union notifications and express their continued interest in renting student accommodations. In case no such reply to a notification is made, it will be assumed that the applicant is not interested in renting anymore and will be taken off the list. Once an applicant is taken off the list, re-entering it requires a new application.


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